Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists is the first Veterinary hospital in the US to install a high frequency ventilator. The Doctors and nurses have recently been trained on the use of this cutting edge technology in hopes of save the lives of the near drowning patients and certain cases of pneumonia’s. Here in South Florida it is quite common for pets to have experienced a drowning accident since many owners have pools and we here at LVS are quite hopeful that this added arsenal of life saving equipment will be well used. LVS is planning for some more CPR training sessions for the public to attend in the near future. Now the owners will have the knowledge to apply life-saving techniques to the pets and rush them to our criticalists to try and save them. We here at LVS are hoping that this will decrease the morbidity and mortality of the victims.

The high frequency ventilator is often used in treating human COPD patients and in the Neonatal Unit (NIC) to save babies with a variety of life threatening pulmonary issues.

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