Dog requires extensive care after consuming common household item

IMG_3367FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Doctors from Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists are cautioning pet owners of the dangers household items can pose to pets, after a dog was hospitalized with a severe reaction from ingesting a laundry detergent pod earlier this month.

Rocky, a six-month-old Maltese puppy, was admitted to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists shortly after his owner discovered him eating a laundry detergent pod on Feb. 8.

Ingredients in the detergent pod caused Rocky to experience severe breathing issues and soap bubbling from his mouth, and nose. Doctors at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists believe that because the detergent pods are under pressure when Rocky bit into it the pod exploded into the back of his throat causing him to not be able to breathe and educing hypothermic shock.

To treat Rocky’s reaction to the detergent, he was immediately given medication via IV and put on a ventilator. Rocky’s condition was life-threatening, mostly due to the inhalation and secondary pneumonia caused by the soap, but after successful treatment, he was discharged last week. Shortly before his release Rocky had been under close observation by doctors and was given oxygen, IV fluids and antibiotic treatments.

Dr. Ira Zaslow, a board-certified specialist in veterinary emergency and critical care and medical director of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists wants to use this as an opportunity to spread awareness of common household dangers to pets.

“Often, pet owners are unaware of how harmful certain household items can be to their pets,” said Zaslow. “Laundry detergent pods as well as dishwashing detergent pods look like treats or toys but when ingested cause harm and although rare, can be fatal. These items, which may smell edible to a dog or cat, should be kept out of their reach in a pet-safe container.”IMG_1442

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