Dr. Tocci Recounts Her Nicaragua Story

On her recent World Vets volunteer mission in Nicaragua Dr. Tocci met a sweet dog named Lassi. Lassi was brought to the clinic by her concerned owner, Anna, who was praying for a miracle. Not too long ago Lassi developed a collection of small tumors that soon turned into one very large mass that hung from her abdomen. The tumor grew to be so big that it almost touched the ground, making it difficult for her to walk and move around. Anna had consulted many local veterinarians for help, but they advised her Lassi should be put to sleep. Anna instead went on a mission to find another solution to improve Lassi’s quality of life without ending it.
Dr. Tocci and the entire World Vet team was able to fulfill such a noble cause. The operation took place at the surgical training center, where the team of surgeons included both Nicaraguan and World Vets. Dr. Tocci performed the anesthesia using modern technology including gas anesthesia as well as multimodal injectable anesthesia. She also had available IV fluid pumps to maintain Lassi on IV fluids during the procedure. Additionally Dr Tocci had pulse oximetry available for monitory equipment. This allowed safe anesthesia and pain control during the one hour operation. Following surgery, Lassi was kept overnight to monitor her recovery and for proper pain management.
The next morning Lassi was standing and walking tumor free without the 5 pound mass she had been carrying for months. The operation was a success and the recovery smooth and uneventful and Anna was overjoyed.
Anna and Lassi’s story but one of the many whose lives have been touched and positively impacted by the dedication and experience of the World Vets team.

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