Testimonials for Our Fort Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

Do you live in or near Fort Lauderdale and need a veterinary specialist? We can help! Our emergency animal veterinary clinic is state-of-the-art and our staff is second-to-none. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients are saying:

Dear Friends,

Quigley has lost his battle after a long and courageous fight.  We are all saddened by his passing.  It would be impossible to put into words our appreciation for your care, love and treatment of Quig.

Every person at LVS is a super star-you all are so devoted and caring to the welfare of your patients that we can’t imagine people having that much strength and stamina.  Each time we returned from a visit to Quig we would pause and ponder your dedication.  As a patient, no need of Quig’s went unmet, no request went unfulfilled and every effort was expended  for his care.  You really do God’s work in your hospital.

Your team of vets and techs work together flawlessly-the daily phone calls with Quig updates, the time spent at each visit and the empathy shown by all of you is truly unique.  Drs. Cannon, Tocci and Villatoro, stand out as pillars in the profession!!

A special thanks to Dr. Villatoro who became Quig’s  advocate during this difficult time.  Her skills as a veterinarian and a truly empathetic person made this difficult time far less painful.  As an aside, she should consider being a human psychiatrist as well!!  She should also consider taking a day off as it seems like she is there 24/7.

Again, thanks to all of you truly superb people.

Bill Glazer and Thom Smith


Dr. Zaslow – I was told that I direct my comments to you. My dog Cooper (for the second time) was sent to your hospital for emergency care. Unfortunately it is my experience that people are quick to complain but rarely go out of their way to be complementary.

I would like to be complementary when it comes to your facility. Your staff starting with Dr. Lanum as well as Stavros, Trevor and Jennifer were terrific. They really seemed to care and did the best to put us at ease during a scary time. They encouraged as to call when we desired updates. The front desk people also are  quite helpful – Robbie was happy to help with our pet insurance application today.

We have had occasion in the past to go to another emergency hospital which was more expensive and more importantly not as patient friendly.

Once again from my human and pet family (we have 3 dogs) and particularly Cooper we want to say thanks….

Mike Wechsler


Dr. Greenway and the staff here are angels sent from above. Just when my sweet little boy’s Life was hanging in the balance from complications after surgery at another veterinary clinic, when that was closed on Sunday, this place not only saved his life but made things so easy for both my boy and myself.

Additionally, everyone I met who works here is the crème de la crème… At first I was stressed out that it was a Sunday, I couldn’t get to my vet who did the operation and it was Father’s Day but in the end I’m so grateful to know about this place and all of the wonderful things they can do for animals… As me and my family are comprised of many humans and many cats, dogs, birds and horses!

Suffice it to say, I’d love to come here all the time but then again one doesn’t want to have constant emergencies. I do have to admit, I’m way more impressed with them than the place that did the operation on my sweet best friend… So now I’m in the market for another regular vet… But if you have an emergency or any specialty Almands your pad needs looking into, go here, for sure. You will not be disappointed.

I am forever grateful. In fact, the doctor gave me a couple of medications for my cat that I knew I needed earlier on the probably would have prevented us having to go to the emergency clinic.

I asked the veterinary office that did the operation, when we were discharged, if they would be providing us with painkillers and muscle relaxers to help keep my boy’s system stress free during the recovery process and to my surprise I was told no.

I have had cats, dogs, birds, and horses for my entire life. I don’t have a medical degree but I know almost as much as they do. This is my family we are talking about.

Not only that, a receptionist (at the initial clinic that did the operation) discharged us and not the doctor (Who promised he would be there and go over everything with us, which turned out to be a lie) so I won’t get into the whole thing any further and spread negativity, but that’s enough red flags when your family is at stake.

Thank you again Dr. Greenway and the entire staff!

Not only were they super professional, efficient, and friendly, they even gave us a refund on some of the services without me having to ask! What a pleasant surprise! When does that happen anymore?

Meanwhile I’m thousands of dollars out from the first clinic… Some of the fee made sense but some of it doesn’t sit right with me.

We are forever grateful.


Dr. Zaslow

A little over 2 weeks ago I brought my 12-1/2 year old wheaten terrier, Kipper, to your hospital in the middle of the night.  He was, of course, extremely sick, and I won’t get into the details.  Dr. Bennett and Dr. Karlin performed surgery the next day to remove his spleen, and he is now recovering at home, and almost back to his old sweet self.  What I want to do is commend you on the very fine attitude, compassion, and thoughtfulness of EVERYONE who works at your clinic.  As I told Dr. Karlin, I have lived in South Florida for 14 years, and I have never met a finer group of people than I have at your clinic.  My only wish is that you worked on humans, too!!!
Dr. Karlin especially has been the quintessential vet in his follow up with details of Kipper’s recovery, and the good news he gave me that Kipper’s mass was benign.  Both Dr. Karlin and Dr. Bennett, when I sat down to talk with them before the surgery, were patient, kind and understanding, never making me feel as though I was taking up too much of their time, as most doctor’s do today.
I am still in touch with Dr. Karlin, as Kipper has a few issues to work through.  I am also distributing your flyers in my neighborhood (Victoria Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale) and letting all my “dog friends” know of your wonderful facility with its close proximity to our neighborhood.  I am quite surprised that not too many people know you are so close.  I am doing my best to change that.
Again, thank you so kindly for the wonderful work you are doing and for the tremendous job you have done of staffing the hospital with such warm and caring people.  As you know,  that means more than words can ever say when one walks into an emergency clinic with their cherished animal.
Keep up the good work!
Bruce Borger



Dear LVS Doctors, Nurses, and Staff,

lauderdale-vets-pearlI am hoping that this picture is worth 1,000 words because I find it difficult to express my feeling of extreme gratitude to all of you for the expert and professional care you extended to Pearl following her extensive surgeries.

She received the absolute best medical treatments and I was treated with the utmost personal kindness and with a significant financial consideration. For all of this, I am so very appreciative and grateful.

I smile when I think of Stacey’s creative use of Pearl’s colorful bandages – much to Daniela’s delight! Those were bright notes during her healing! I also enjoyed the upbeat updates from Dr. Karlin. With his funny disposition and surgical skills, I know he will do well in what will be a notable and rewarding career. I wish him the very best!

I will always remember the expert aid Dr. Darrow gave to Pearl when she returned with suture infections. I appreciate his care and concerns for her and his kindness and gentleness to me.

Many thanks to Dr. Tocci for her considerable note in rehabilitating Pearl. If we should ever meet again I hope it is a happy, casual, nonprofessional reunion!

Both Pearl and I owe so much to Dr. Bennett for his ongoing professional medical expertise in her step by step recovery. I always felt confident in realizing that Pearl was the recipient of the best veterinary care available. Dr. Bennett, I hope you are able to relax in the near future on a well-deserved vacation….. Maybe a trip to see the world cup in Rio!! That would be fun!

Dr. Zaslow, I know you personally supervised and participated in Pearl’s many healing procedures. As you requested, I did place my trust in you and you and your entire staff came through with rehabilitated, recovered, and still radiant Pearl!

To all of you, please accept my heartfelt thanks,

Lindalee Infante



Dear Dr. Zaslow:

Fran and I can’t thank you and your exceptional staff enough for saving Snowflake’s life. Whether DVM or support staff, all were totally professional. Of course, greatest praise goes to Dr. Cannon, who diagnosed and treated the problem when no fewer than five veterinarians had failed before we brought Snowflake to you. But everyone could not have been more caring and more communicative. We deeply appreciated the time you all took with us to make sure we knew what was happening. How often does a surgeon for humans sit down for an hour to discuss the procedure as did Dr. Evans with us!?! How wonderful of Dr. Devey to take so much time to explain the difficulty experienced in obtaining the right anaesthesia so Snowflake could have her operation as safely as possible!

Plainly, your concern for our pet went well beyond curing her very serious condition. You all cared so much for her welfare — and took pains to sooth our concerns.

Again, thank you so much for bringing our cat back to health and life. I’m attaching her pre-op photo, and will send another when her fur has grown back.

Happy holidays to all of you!

Mike & Fran Richmond


From the time we walked in and spoke with Dr. Devey, we knew we were in good hands. We brought our 16 1/2 year-old dog in for an emergency consult and we were met with honesty and insight gained from Dr. Devey’s years of experience. At this point we were at the end of a long list of more questions than answers for our dog, Peanuts. His symptoms had started two months earlier and the past week had consisted of daily visits to our primary vet. Finally we were referred to an internal medicine specialist when our primary vet had run out of solutions or explanations. But it wasn’t until after visiting another veterinary specialist that Dr. Devey showed up when our hope was slowly disappearing. Our first consult restored the only sense of hope we had, exploratory surgery for Peanuts, whose temperature of 105 along with no desire to eat and middle of the night vomiting, had us fearing for the worst.

We rushed Peanuts to the internal medicine specialist within 12 hours of our initial visit to her because he would not stop getting sick. It was there that we discovered that they did not have a surgeon available 24 hours and they felt that Peanuts’ could not wait. So from there we were referred to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists (affectionately known as LVS) where we were assured they treated emergency cases and those animals in critical care. Both the facility and the staff surpassed our expectations. From the very beginning, Dr. Devey shared all of our options supported with cause and effect details that helped us during the entire decision making process. In a matter of hours we were faced with the decision of emergency surgery in order for Peanuts to stand any chance of surviving. Knowing that surgery was the only thing that could provide our answers, we opted for the procedure after being fairly warned that it may confirm our worst fears that given his age and current condition he may not make it out of surgery alive.

Peanuts went into surgery under the wonderful care of Dr. Devey, Dr. Zaslow and Dr. Evans. Not only did he make it through surgery, but despite his critical condition he made it through the first night. Peanuts was hospitalized at LVS for 2 weeks during his recovery. They managed to not only provide exceptional care, but allowed us to visit as often as we wanted and get updates every couple of hours. Despite their busy schedules, they helped alleviate the worry when we could not have Peanuts at home with us due to the level of care he still required.

Dr. Zaslow went to great lengths to secure a physical therapist to come work with Peanuts at their facility, since he was no longer mobile after surgery. We could not be more grateful for the time each of the staff has spent with us helping to aid us in our decisions along the way and making sure we were keeping Peanuts’ best interests at heart. After experiencing the benefits of Dr. Devey’s care, we have often joked that if either one of us ever had to have surgery we would call and ask Dr. Devey to be our Criticalist. Our experience at LVS has been exceptional and the team at LVS is incredible. Dr. Devey was one of many who were bringing us exceptional care. Dr. Evans and Dr. Zaslow as well as Dr. Cannon all provided a level of care that rivals any Doctors we’ve seen including the ones who specialize in human care as well.

Today, Peanuts is free from IVs and feeding tubes and monitors and able to walk around with a smile on his face. He continues to get physical therapy and a little stronger every day. We are forever grateful to LVS for saving Peanuts’ life and if we are ever in a similar situation of emergency care, LVS will be at the top of our list. They truly have given us back a member of our family! Peanuts is now living a happy life like any other well loved puppy. (attached photos)

Thanks so much,

Jennifer Webb & Dan Burch


We brought Nicky to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists after spending an entire day at another facility and her condition had worsened. Nicky was admitted and within the hour a grave diagnosis was made by one of their attending Criticalist Dr. Zaslow. Even though we ultimately decided to put our little baby Nicky to sleep we can’t say enough good about LVS and the staff at this very heart breaking time for us!

Thank you again Patti Casale and David Ferugia


Bacon was hit by a car and brought to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. He was in shock and had a dislocated hip. There have been some folks that have asked “What are you doing? Put him down.” I can’t say that I blame them. I might say the same thing if I were on the outside looking in. But this is the guy that is ALWAYS happy to see me, no matter what. He is the guy that is ALWAYS sad to see me go, no matter what. He is the guy that is ALWAYS willing to do whatever I want to do , no matter what time it is. So Bacon had a FHO surgery after he recovered from shock. He is on day 2 post op and is doing so much better! A big thank you to Dr. Evans and Dr. Devey as well as all the staff at LVS. Bacon owes all of you his life and our family is truly grateful to LVS. Now it’s time for rehab.

Thank you LVS for everything, Sehoon Paik


To the Staff:

In June, we brought our Cocker, Annie, to you and made the decision to have her put down.  Although it was a sad day, all of you that we encountered made it so much easier with your professional and caring ways.  I do not remember the surgeon’s name, but he answered all of our questions and everyone let us take our time with Annie.  We have not been to your facility before but all of you made a horrible thing almost pleasant for us and we want to thank you.  For anyone facing end of life with their animals, you guys are the best.  We recently got a new puppy and she was already named Annie!   So she was meant to be!

Sincerely,  Scott and Sharon Jennings