At Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists we understand that the diagnosis of
cancer can be devastating.  When detected early, cancer in dogs and cats
is usually very treatable. While surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation
therapy may be recommended for the treatment of cancer, animals differ
from humans, with far fewer side effects.

Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists is dedicated to enhancing the quality of
life for pets living with cancer.  Our oncologist, Dr. Lisa DiBernardi, is here to provide
reassurance, compassion and offer treatment in an empathetic environment.
Veterinary oncology has made advances offering options for treatments.
Our goal is to provide kindhearted care and understanding by presenting a
multitude of options available for you to choose the most appropriate
treatment for your family.

Depending upon the grade, stage and type of cancer, your team will
recommend one or a combination of treatment options. Multiple treatment
options that combine surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are common. This
is because the treatment of cancer in animals has become as sophisticated
and successful as the treatment of cancer in humans.