Our Pet Emergency Hospital Offers Critical Care Medicine 24/7

At Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists the Emergency and Critical Care departments function as two separate but linked areas. We provide 24-hour emergency care with the goal of stabilizing, diagnosing and treating a pet’s emergency needs.  We also provide 24-hour ongoing care for critically ill patients in our Intensive Care Unit. The team in Critical Care works along with other specialists and your regular veterinarian to provide comprehensive care. These two closely aligned services are supervised by Drs. Zaslow and Tocci.

Our state of the art facility and team provides:

  • 24-hour veterinary and nursing staff prepared for all your pet’s life-threatening and critical care needs
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities including CT and Digital Radiography
  • Physiological monitoring to track the patient’s condition, support the treatment plan and immediately identify new medical emergency needs
  • Blood and plasma transfusions
  • Emergency surgery
  • Advanced anesthetic monitoring
  • Experience in assessing pain and administering appropriate pain management