Internal Medicine at Our Pet Hospital

The Internal Medicine department is spear-headed by Dr. Allison Cannon, DVM MS, and her team of nurses and interns,  who together formulate a complete picture of an animal’s health. They work closely with the Critical Care department when cases are severe enough to warrant transferring between departments. Often their patients have more than one disease process involved and their condition may range from chronic to very severe in nature.

The Internal Medicine department uses advance imaging equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasound or CT (computerized tomography) scans to make a diagnosis. In addition, Dr. Cannon also uses endoscopic equipment from time to time to collect biopsies along the gastro-intestinal tract, from the nose as well as from inside the bladder. With the use of this fibro-optic equipment, procedures are less invasive thus allowing a wide safety range and shorter recovery time for patients.