Our Physical Therapy Equipment


The Oasis® Under Water Treadmill

Dog walking in Oasis machine in water

The Oasis® Under Water Treadmill is the premier offering in the field of rehabilitation through Hydro-therapy. The Oasis® is also ideal for other small animals and pets. The natural buoyancy of water assists the patient in having a low impact but high intensity work out, which is important to patients in the “recovery” process. With the Oasis treadmill, treatments are tailored so as to include adjustable water temperature and water levels; resistance is added with the incline function and water jets, and the ability of utilizing forward/backward modes of the treadmill. The Oasis® is highly effective for hydrotherapy treatments, pain relief, fitness training and weight control.

The incorporation of water jets into the water treadmill also enables the patients to receive beneficial hydro-therapy for muscle stimulation while at the same time improving their locomotion capabilities. This hydro-therapy unit allows for minimal trauma to the musculo-skeletal structure during exercise.

The Gait Analyzing Treadmill

Watching a dog’s locomotive process can tell much about the health of a dog. Gait abnormalities can be associated with a variety of conditions hidden under the skin. Neurological and osteo-arthritic joint conditions associated with abnormal gaits can be seen as lameness. The DogTread® Canine Treadmill is a valuable diagnostic tool used for analyses of a dog’s gait and assessing quality of movement.

The DogTread® GAIT4DOG® Gait Analyzing Treadmill is a state-of-the-art tool typically used in Clinical Research. The pressure-sensitive walkway system captures objective gait data including limb loading and unloading characteristics. The computerized Lameness Scoring System® provides early identification of lameness that can be treated surgically or non-surgically. It allows quantitative monitoring of progress/effectiveness of rehabilitation treatment and sports conditioning program performance. For extreme cases, our non-weight bearing under water treadmill could be useful to help establish range of motion, reduce soreness, and progressively build up to the more weight-bearing land treadmill.

How do we assess lameness in a dog? Typically, we observe the dog and perform a full physical exam, including orthopedic/neurologic, to assess lameness. There are many reasons why palpitation, manipulation and observation don’t always give us the complete answer. Research has shown that observational and subjective analysis can miss important information.

Dog standing on GAIT4Dog

GLS is a scoring system that makes quantifying lameness a simple numerical score readily understood by clinicians and owners alike. It was scientifically developed over the past eight years using the GAIT4DOG Walkway system and has been adapted to the GAIT4DOG Treadmill system.

Based on a 100 point system, GLS identifies loading and movement characteristics for each limb. A GLS below 100 indicates the degree of lameness, while a score above 100 indicates the degree of compensation.

The Dog Treadmill

The DogTread® Canine Treadmill is designed for optimal canine movement and addresses the unique way dogs move, think and learn. DogTread’s low-profile natural running platform was designed specifically to help reduce joint stress and fatigue. The unique “flex-deck” was engineered to flex in just the right spots under the weight of a quadruped to reduce impact and dissipate the energy versus sending it straight back into the joint. Its uses include basic exercise, behavior modification, conditioning and rehabilitation.

FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment

FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment is designed specifically for the canine market and are the foundation tools in Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Training. FitPAWS® equipment is used for diagnosing weak or imbalanced muscular structure, for pre & post surgery strengthening, improving joint range-of-motion and increasing levels of balance and proprioception. FitPAWS® equipment is also an integral part of our At-home Compliance, General Wellness, Weight Loss, and Performance Dog/Athletic Conditioning Programs.