Online Resources for Veterinarians & Technicians

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our team, philosophy and outreach programs online to our veterinarians.  Many of the ideas for our programs were created by and for you, our referring community. We asked, and you told us what you want, need and expect of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists.  We listened, and developed our outreach program in direct response to your expressed needs.

In addition to the programs described below, we think it important that you know; LVS will practice non-production based medicine.

Keep your eyes open for our Continuing Education calendar; per your requests, it will include management and technician modules too.  The date for our first CE lecture, “Imaging Diagnostics in Private Practice” will be confirmed shortly.

Building Bridges:  Be neighborly, come visit. Is there a special procedure you or someone on your team is curious about?  We’ll be happy to arrange a time when you and your team will be welcomed to observe.   Need a quick opinion on a case?  Please give us a call; one of our Specialists will pick up immediately, or will return the call in timely fashion.  Our emergency clinicians will be available too.

You asked for an Imaging Outpatient Service; we created one.  Of course, our team will be available if you prefer to speak with a human but, you will also be able to use our website to schedule imaging appointments online for your patients as their veterinarian.  A base fee structure has been established, you determine your patients fee for service, not us.

Our Laboratory Outpatient Services, per your request will provide you with data from the samples you submit.

Our After Hours Emergency Medicine Program provides your hospital with a secure and confidential call management program, Ring Central, which you can access at any time, from any location.  Detailed call log reports provide information including the originating phone number; the length of the call and if the call resulted in an emergency room visit.  Ring Central is a helpful monitoring tool; it creates quick to print, easy to use reports for patient record updates, and follow-up calls. Ring Central is a great way to track your patients who contacted our emergency service.

Get information on Referrals, Forms, and Continuing Education online for veterinarians in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and surrounding areas here: