Continuing Education by Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

Dr. R. Avery Bennett Lectures  Veterinarians on November 7th

Sutures,  Knots, and Needles”

In recent years more and more types of suture materials have come onto the market. The properties and absorption of the most commonly used materials will be reviewed. When do you need a cutting needle? Is an atraumatic needle more appropriate? And should you use a smaller needle or a larger needle? And what size suture is most appropriate for the job at hand. These and other questions about making choices among sutures and needles will be reviewed.
 “Surgical Hemostasis: From Pressure to LigaSure and beyond” 
Surgical hemostasis is a subject often worried about but rarely discussed. There are many intrinsic patient factors involved in the control of bleeding created at surgery. Additionally, many hemostatic aids are available for use during surgery. Applying pressure is one of the simpler methods used for achieving hemostasis. Electrosurgery and radiosurgery have been available for many years. Recently, devices such as the harmonic scalpel and LigaSureĀ® have gained in popularity and are available for minimally invasive procedures as well as open surgical techniques.  Controlling bleeding is an essential part of surgery. The ultimate goal is completely bloodless surgery.