As any pet owner in south Florida will tell you that with the advent of the rainy season, the deadly Bufo toads are not far behind.  At this time of the year the Emergency Service at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists is kept busy treating curious dogs and cats that have had a run in with the poison that is excreted from a Bufo.   The symptoms of the life threatening exposure to the toxin are immediate, the gums turn a bright red and an increase in saliva.  Respiratory distress and seizures can often occur and  an increased heart rate that can result in cardiac failure.  The pets mouth should be rinsed with water by using a wet towel or a light spray to remove as much of the toxin as possible.  As soon as possible, the pet must be taken to the nearest pet emergency hospital for treatment and of course time is of the essence.   During this wet season, it is best to walk dogs on a leash and prevent them from sniffing under bushes where the toads hide.  It is advisable to walk with flash light to spot if they are any lurking around in the under-brush and never allow cats to play with toads.   The toads are attracted to water and food that is left outside.  Please tell your friends that may not know about this menace that can kill their pet



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