Eva was struck by a car late morning on the 12th of August in 2016. Her owner, Jarod Pond, rushed her to her regular veterinarian where x-rays were performed that showed she had a tear in her diaphragm, known as a diaphragmatic hernia. She was in trouble and needed to go to surgery to repair her diaphragm. Eva’s regular veterinarian recommended she be transferred to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialist, for further care. Once she arrived at LVS, she was stabilized by the emergency team of doctors and nurses. The doctor on shift that day recommended surgery for Eva. The owner knew surgery was the best option for her, but was unable to fully pay for the cost. He was faced with the difficult decision of thinking about having to let her go. LVS decided to step in and it was decided by our team of doctors, that Eva was a good candidate for contributions from The Tree of Hope. With the help from The Tree of Hope, Eva was able to have her diaphragm surgically repaired and was able to go home, a few days later. When she came back for her recheck appointment with the surgery team a couple weeks later she was pronounced, fully recovered. Eva is once again a healthy, happy girl who has decided to no longer play with cars.

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